What is Occupational Health?

Occupational Health is concerned with the impact of work on health, and health on work.

We provide your managers with advice on how to prevent work activities from adversely affecting an individual’s health; for example reducing the risk of someone working with chemicals from developing asthma or skin sensitization, or someone lifting heavy weights from developing back pain.

We also provide advice to your managers on an individual’s medical fitness or capability to undertake their normal work activities taking into account any health condition they may have. For example, an individual with epilepsy who would be expected to work at heights, or an individual with depression working in a highly pressurized environment.

Advice would include the likely short and long-term impact of the health condition on the individual’s ability to undertake their normal duties and any temporary or permanent adjustments that may need to be made to their role.

Research shows that generally being at work is good for the physical and mental health of the population. An individual may still be able to undertake some meaningful work even though they are not 100% fit. We work with you to identify appropriate adjustments you can make to the work environment and tasks, to get the most out of your employees, whilst not adversely affecting their health. This benefits both the individual and the company in terms of productivity and can positively impact on your bottom line.

Benefits to you

  • Reduce costs of absence due to lost time due to sickness and injury
  • Reduce risk of litigation through compliance with health and safety legislation
  • Prevent work-related ill-health and reduce the costs of ill-health at work
  • Keeping people at work even if work adjusted temporarily until health condition fully resolved or stabilised
  • Encouraging productivity by getting the best out an individual regardless of their health status
  • Improve productivity through a healthier workplace ethos – increasing motivation and efficiency
  • Aid staff retention – reducing the cost of recruitment and training

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