Sickness absence

Sickness Absence
Your employees are your most valuable asset.  Absence due to sickness costs UK businesses £32 billion per year.  An individual does not have to be 100% fit to be able to return to work and we can advise on appropriate phased return to work, rehabilitation plans and reasonable adjustments to allow individuals to return to work and function optimally taking into account their medical condition and the Equality Act (2010).

Sickness Absence
We take an active role in managing absence and early intervention and good communication is key to a successful return to work.

Musculo-skeletal and mental health conditions are the part of the top 3 causes of absence from work.  We can provide access for your employees to physiotherapy and counseling to support and facilitate a quicker return to work.

We provide assessments and advice for:

  • Short-term sickness absence and long-term sickness absence (more than one month)
  • Return to work rehabilitation plans
  • Advice on reasonable workplace adjustments
  • Likely impact of health conditions on work activities
  • Assessment of symptoms that may have been caused by work
  • Medical assessments for individuals that are likely to be disabled under the Equality Act (2010)
  • Pregnant employees at work
  • Individuals experiencing stress-related symptoms due to home or work issues
  • Ill-health retirement advice

All our occupational health assessments will include a clear detailed report which will help you understand the likely impact of the health condition on your business so that you can make appropriate decisions based on sound medical advice. Download management referral form here OHS Management Referral Form

Reports will include:

  • A summary of the medical condition – background for referral, relevant medical history, treatment/intervention and likely progression. A specific diagnosis will not be given unless the employee consents to this.
  • Likely impact of symptoms on work activities
  • Short-term and long- term prognosis
  • Likely timeframes for a return to work or full recovery
  • Temporary or permanent reasonable adjustments
  • An opinion on whether or not the condition is likely to be covered by the Equality Act 2010
  • Appropriate OH review date and next steps

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