Fit for work assessments

Fitness to workCertain job roles have strict medical standards that individuals must meet to be able to undertake that role e.g. Fork lift truck drivers, police officers, firefighters, safety-critical roles. We can tailor occupational health assessments to meet the needs of your Organisation to ensure that your staff are fit for the role that they have been employed to do. This may include a pre-employment/pre-placement health assessments as well as regular in-service screening.

Fitness to workCertain medical conditions could make certain individuals more susceptible to some hazards (e.g. an asthmatic working with a chemical sensitizer). Our health assessments will determine an individual’s fitness to work with this hazard and any reasonable adjustments or extra control measures that you may need to implement to prevent adverse health effects.

Types of occupational health assessment and screening include:

  • Pre-employment health assessment
  • Periodic health assessments
  • Fork lift truck drivers
  • Night workers
  • Safety critical medicals
  • Working with breathing apparatus
  • Fitness to drive
  • Food handlers
  • Audiometric testing
  • Vision screening
  • Lung function testing

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