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All our consultants and associates are appropriately qualified professionals with experience in a wide range of industries. We aim to provide you a high quality evidence-based service, focusing on building strong relationships, whilst keeping the needs of you and your business in mind.
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Welcome to Occupational Health Services Ltd

Occupational healthOccupational Health Services help you understand the relationship between health and the workplace, which is fundamental to business success. Your employees are your greatest asset and when working to their optimal ability, can contribute significantly to the success of your business. It therefore makes good business sense to take care of your employees by ensuring legal compliance and fostering a culture of greater commitment, efficiency and productivity through healthy workplace practices.

Organisations can improve the current and future health and success of their business by adopting a systematic approach to occupational health. Occupational Health Services are committed to providing independent high quality, commercially focused occupational health advice that you can use to make key decisions within your business, to manage your employees’ health whilst minimizing any effect on your business.

Work-related ill-health

Occupational health services
An estimated 1.1 million people were suffering from a work-related illness in 2011/2012 (Health and Safety Executive data 2012). Approximately 80% of the new work-related conditions in 2011/2012 were due to musculo-skeletal disorders or stress, depression or anxiety. Other work-related conditions include skin disease, respiratory disease, hearing loss and vibration-related disease.

We can advise you on robust risk management and health surveillance programmes to help prevent work-related ill health in your organization and ensure your business practices meet appropriate health and safety legislation, reducing the risk of litigation.

Sickness absence

work related illness
Approximately 131 million days were lost due to sickness or injury in 2011 (Office for National Statistics), which is costing UK businesses £32 billion per year.

The top causes of short-term sickness absence are minor illnesses (colds, flu, stomach upset and headaches), followed by musculo-skeletal injuries, back pain and stress. The top causes of long-term sickness absence (more than 4 weeks) are stress, acute medical conditions (for example stroke, heart attack and cancer), mental ill health, musculoskeletal injuries and back pain (CIPD report 2012).

We can advise you on how to individuals back to work quickly and safely in a way that reduces the risk of aggravating a health condition.  We work with the line manager to identify appropriate adjustments to enable individuals to work even if they are not able to do 100% of their role, minimizing the impact on your business.